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Entandrophragma excelsum

 Fabrice Feyton   May 1, 2020   67

Common names: Kinyarwanda: “Umuyove”, English: “African mahogany” and Kiswahili: “Myovu”. Entandrophragma excelsum is a deciduous tree which grows up to a height ranging 30 to 50 meters high. The tree have a clear bole …

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Alnus acuminata

 Fabrice Feyton   April 14, 2020   68

Popularly known for highest amount of seeds per kilograms estimated to 1,400,000- 2,000,000 seeds/kg, Alnus acuminata is a fast growing pioneer species that regenerates naturally in open, disturbed areas.

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Timber management

 Fabrice Feyton   April 9, 2020   64

The process of producing a timber crop begins with the establishment of a young stand of trees and ends when trees are cut and removed in the form of saw logs, veneer logs, pulp wood, or some other kind raw round-wood.

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